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Lodging is available beginning May 15
Park store will open may 15 at 8am and open daily one hour before fishing until one hour after fishing.The restaurant will open at noon May 15,  and be open daily for full service from 7am until 8pm until further notice.All pots, pans, dishes, silverware , coffee makers and toasters have been temporary removed from rooms for customer safety. The park pool is also closed due to public safety during the COVID-19 pandemic until further notice.

Online Reservations Click Here

Ask about the fly fishing school or stop by the store for last minute items. For more information about the concession facilities at Bennett Spring State Park, please call 417-532-4307 ext 2.

Many cabins at Bennett Spring State Park were built by the CCC in the 1930's.  These RUSTIC FISHERMEN cabins are located throughout the park.  

Motel rooms, sleeper units, duplex cabins, individual cabins and four-plex units are available. Pets are allowed only in certain park buildings. Lodging rates for 2020 range from $89 to $169, depending on the unit selected. Applicable taxes will apply.  One week notice for cancelation. 

For more information on dog friendly rooms that are available for your stay contact our reservations personnel for information at 417-532-4307 ext 2. Limit two dogs per room, $15 dollars per dog per night. Dogs may not be be left unattended outside of unit.  Cabin guests must provide kennel.  There will be a $100 per night per pet charge for pets in not per units.

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All sleeper motel rooms sleep 3 adults and are furnished with refrigerators, satellite television, heating, air-conditioning, shower and complete linens. The sleeper units are located in the center of the park, all units have one twin and one double bed.These units run $89 per night plus tax.
- SleeperRB  - Sleeper1RB  - Sleeper2RB  - Sleeper3RB

All motel units sleep 4 adults and are located in the center of the park near the campground.Each unit has a small refrigerator, television, heating, air-conditioning and complete linens.All units have two queens size beds.These units run $109 per night plus tax.
- IMG_0747RB    - IMG_0750RB  - IMG_0751RB

The duplex cabins have two bedrooms and sleep 4 adults with a queen in each bedroom and some offer Murphy beds. These are located in the center of the park, near the pool, in a quiet cul-de-sac area. These units run $159 per night plus tax. 
- IMG_0735RB  - IMG_0736RB  - IMG_0737RB  - IMG_0738RB  - IMG_0739RB  - IMG_0740RB  

The river duplex cabins sleep 4 adults are located in a restful setting near the Niangua River. These cabins have two bedrooms with a queen bed in each bedroom and a hide-a-bed.These units run $169 per night plus tax.
- IMG_0752RB  - IMG_0755RB  - IMG_0757RB  - IMG_0758RB  - IMG_0759RB  - IMG_0760RB

Our spring duplex cabins sleep 4 adults and are located in a peaceful setting near the head of the spring. These have two bedrooms with a queen bed in one bedroom and two twins in the other bedroom and a hide-a-bed. All cabins have satellite television. These units run $169 per night plus tax.                                                         
- IMG_0761RB  - IMG_0762RB  - IMG_0763RB    - IMG_0764RB  - IMG_0770RB  - IMG_0768RB  - IMG_0767RB  - IMG_0766RB  - IMG_0769RB    

New spring duplex cabins sleep 4 adults and are located in a peaceful setting near the head of the spring. These units have two bedrooms, with a king bed in one bedroom and queen bed in the other bedroom. These cabins have satellite television in 3 rooms. Also in the unit are propane powered fireplaces. These units run $169 per night plus tax. (units 9,10,11,12)
- 10aRB - 10bRB - 10cRB - 10dRB - 10eRB - 10aaRB - 10fRB  - 10gRB - 10hRB

The stand alone cabins sleep 4 adults and have one or two bedrooms, two full size beds or one king size bed, and some have Murphy bed, satellite television, shower, fireplace and linens. These units run $159 per night plus tax. (Cabin #58 is $169 per night plus tax)
 Cabin 53 
- IMG_0790RB  - IMG_0791RB   - IMG_0794RB  - IMG_0796RB  - IMG_0797RB  - IMG_0798RB 

Cabin 58
- IMG_0779RB  - IMG_0780RB  - IMG_0781RB    - IMG_0783RB  - IMG_0784RB  - IMG_0785RB  - IMG_0786RB  - IMG_0787RB  - IMG_0788RB

Cabin 59
- IMG_0771RB  - IMG_0772RB  - IMG_0773RB  - IMG_0774RB    - IMG_0776RB  - IMG_0777RB  - IMG_0778RB

The four-plex units sleep 4 adults and have two bedrooms with a queen bed in main bedroom and two twin beds in the second bedroom and a hide-a-bed. These units are located behind the pool in the center of the park. These units run $159 per night plus tax.
- FourplexRB  - Fourplex1RB  - Fourplex2RB   - Fourplex4RB  - Fourplex5RB  - Fourplex6RB

For more information or to make a reservation, please call 417-532-4307 or 800-334-6946. Reservations are not accepted by e-mail. The lodging mailing address is 26248 Hwy. 64A, Lebanon, MO 65536.

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Last Labor Day weekend we held the rehersal dinner for my sons wedding at the Dining Lodge. It was the nicest place around the area to have such an event. Though I was a bit lerry of having to be served from the buffet but it not only worked out well the food was good. The selection had something for everone. The Lodge Manager and her staff were perfect hosts and no one lacked for fast service which was served up with a genuinely friendly smile. The couple got married on the river bank at a locally owned private resort and I was afraid we would have to drive a long was to find a nic, clean place with a great atmosphere and desent food. After seeing the Lodge and talking to the staff the decision to have the dinner here was a no brainer. I would recommend it to anyone wanting a classy place to hold such an event near the river to come here. Thanks Gals, Randy Presley

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