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Here at Bennett Spring State Park we offer two  scenic floats trip down the majestic Niangua River. The all season float trip begins at our launch inside the park and covers approximately 7 miles of the Niangua River to our take out at Barclay Public Access. Float trips from September 12th till end of season only available on Saturdays and Sundays. Our second float is only offered during the first part of the float season due to water level. It starts at Moon Valley which is a public access area above Bennett Spring. It is also approximately 7 miles. This float allows you to float from above Bennett Spring to our launch inside the park. On our floats you will see a vast array of wildlife and meet other adventurous floaters. All of our floats are family oriented we do have a NO alcohol policy for our floaters to insure a calm peaceful float.We also require that the equipment be rented to someone 21 years or older. We rent 3 person canoes (two seats) for $44 dollars, youth kayaks $25 dollars, adult kayaks $35 dollars, 2 person kayaks $45 dollars and 6 man rafts for $135 dollars. Launch times for canoes begin at 8:30 a.m. to our last launch time of 12:00 noon.(Launch times subject to change due to water level) For rafts 8:30 a.m. to the last launch time of 10:30 a.m.(Launch times subject to change due to water level) The float takes approximately 3 hours in canoe and 4 hours by raft (times depending on water level). For more information or to set up a float with us call 417-532-4307 ext 2.

Stream Team member floats available $20 per canoe (except Saturdays). Contact store personnel for more information at 417-532-4307 ext 2. Stream Team members must show your Stream Team ID to get discount.

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We vacation at Bennett Springs every year, its the most relaxing place on earth for our family to spend a week a way. The cabins are awesome and we recommend them to everyone we know.

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